Short Bio

Welcome to my professional homepage. Thank you for visiting.

I am an INRAE research fellow at UMR SMART-LERECO in Rennes, France.

My research interests concern the economics of risk and time, public economics with a focus on agriculture, environment and innovations, and experimental economics. Details are available on my research page.

Before, I was a visiting research fellow at the Toulouse School of Economics (LERNA) from 2009-2011, and a postdoctoral fellow at the UNSW Business School from 2008-2009. I received my Ph. D. in economics from Dresden University of Technology in July 2008. I studied economics (B. A., M. A.) and mathematics (B. Sc.) at the Universities of Konstanz and Heidelberg, and spent a year abroad at the University of Quebec at Montreal.

From 2009-2013, I have been visiting the University of Virginia Econ Department every year to conduct experiments at Veconlab.